Jimin's dad has a message for his son Jimin's dad has a message for his son

Jimin is the great pride of his father who shows him off at Magnate Cafe

Jimin's father always supports his son and even in the father's cafeteria the idol of BTS is present

Jimin has a great relationship with his dad who really loves him and even shows it at his cafe Magnate, what message did he leave there for his son?

BTS has amazing idols and one of them is Jimin who from a very young age was interested in dancing. He wanted to work on it, exploit his talent to the fullest and dedicate himself to something he was really passionate about. Although at first it was not so easy and he had to convince his parents that pursuing his dreams was the best.

That was how Park Jimin managed to start going after his goal, holding auditions and showing how good he was at dancing. He would soon join BigHit Entertainment as a trainee and prepare hard to be a part of Bangtan Sonyeondan. Without neglecting his studies, he is a great example for many fans.

This is why Mochi has not only become a source of pride for Korea, obviously it is also for his parents who fully support him and who were important parts of his life and the way to achieve his dreams. Jimin's dad really adores him and has shown it on more than one occasion.

Did you know that Jimin's dad has a cafe? Well, in this he also shows how much he loves his son. With a very nice message that he left for the BTS idol and that someone shared.

Jimin's dad's cute message to his son at Magnate Cafe

Magnate is the name of Jimin's dad's cafe. In it, there is a nice message about the BTS member. His dad put a flower arrangement with a ribbon there, like those typical ones that are sent in Korea for congratulations and others, but he has something related to Mochi written on it.

The world shines brighter since the day Jimin arrived

Jimin's dad message for his son at Magnate Cafe | Twitter: @pjmngallery

 Isn't this message the cutest thing in the world? Jimin's father's love for his son is really great and we are glad to see him in his father's business.

Jimin is always the star at his dad's cafe

Previously, when Jimin released the song 'Christmas Tree' his dad made cupsleeves with that theme to give them in his cafe, the idol of BTS is always present in some way in his dad's establishment.

Jimin's cupsleeve at his dad's cafe | Twitter: @pjmngallery

We love Jimin and his dad's relationship, aren't they amazing and cute? We hope to know more about his stories and see how Mochi is the greatest pride of his family.

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