Jimin gets excited with ARMY boys Jimin gets excited with ARMY boys

Jimin has the best reaction to hearing ARMY boys at the BTS concert

ARMY boys are BTS' male fans, is it weird to see them? Well, Jimin's reaction to them can't hide the truth

BTS is not only for girls, there are a lot of male fans too who show theri love and support for the group, how did Jimin react to them when he saw ARMY boys at Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas?

BTS is the most successful K-Pop group right now, we can't deny they're so popular and famous all over the world. We can see how big Bangtan's fandom is and it's still growing more and more everytime. ARMY is in charge of showing its love and suppor for this idol group.

And Bangtan Sonyeondan won't only have girls as fans, or teenagers, this boy band's music has touched the hearts of a lot of people. It doesn't matter the age, color, race, country, language, sex, sexual orientation, and the big etcetera, if someone likes BTS, then proudly says they're part of ARMY.

But we can't lie, most of Bangtan Boys' fans identify themselves as female, of course the group has a lot of non-binary followers too! And some male fans too, those ones who ar called as ARMY boy. So, Bangtan has a wide spectrum of fans who always do their best for the group and the fanbase they belong to.

And even if ARMY boys are hard to be found, they attended to BTS concert in Las Vegas and Jimin had the best reaction to them.

Jimin gets excited to hear ARMY boys cheering for BTS at their concert

At BTS's Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas concert #3, Jimin could hear ARMY boys cheering for the K-Pop group during the event, this actually made him very emotional, not only hearing them, but also seeing them on the big screens of the venue.

Well, actually all of the BTS members were pretty excited to hear and see ARMY boys in the concert, isn't it great? This just shows that ARMY's love is reciprocated.

BTS is always happy to receive their fanboys

In fansings we can see that BTS is always happy to see fanboys, sometimes they could meet even kids who are ARMYs and their reaction will melt your heart, they really love their fans.


This is how BTS shows their love for every fan, we're sure that ARMY is always proud of being a part of this big fandom and they love to show their support for BTS.

Keep reading more about BTS, we have here everything that happened during their last VLive, it was fun to watch and they also revealed some secrets.

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