Jimin says BTS is incomplete without Jin Jimin says BTS is incomplete without Jin

Jimin feels like BTS is incomplete when Jin isn't around and here's why

BTS is incomplete when one of its members is absent and this is how Jimin showed it

Jimin really feels incomplete when one of his members is absent, this time he showed Jin that he is an important part of BTS.

BTS is a great K-Pop group that we have been able to see grow over the years. It's been a little over 8 years since these idols debuted, but they really know each other before that. Well, as BigHit Entertainment trainees, the members of Bangtan began to meet and share various experiences together.

This is why we can consider that Bangtan Sonyeondan has become a whole family. The members of this group have become really close over time. ARMY loves to see all the signs of affection, support and concern that the idols of this boy band have for each other.

And of course, the Bangtan Boys are always 7, the number of boys who debuted and have been together for all this time. Although sometimes we have had to see Bangtan without any of them, sometimes the idol group is also separated for various reasons. But this does not mean that they no longer feel like part of the group.

And on the contrary, the boys of BTS feel incomplete when one of them is not there, that's how Jimin made Jin see it, when he is not there, they can't even be called BTS.

BTS without Jin is not the same, Jimin feels incomplete when his fellow member is not around

BTS shared behind the scenes of their performance at the 2022 Grammys. In this video we could see them preparing for the red carpet, the show and more. At one point, Jin was not part of the show due to having his arm hurt. So it was the first time that he was just a spectator.

When Jin said that it was the first time that he only saw them, Jimin replied that yes, but that they really needed him, that without him they were incomplete. Awww! He even hinted at a play on words with the 'S' of Seokjin who is in BTS. 

We need you to be BTS, we’re BT right now, something is missing


BTS really shows their love for each other at all times

In this episode of BTS at the Grammys there were also other phrases that ARMY really loved to hear. When Hobi arrived at the place, Jimin said that everything was as it should be now that he had arrived. Jin also said that Namjoon was the mainstay of Bangtan Sonyoendan, aw! These idols really love each other.

Jin shows his love for Namjoon | Twitter: @AureliaOT7

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