What are Jimin and J-Hope's phones hiding? What are Jimin and J-Hope's phones hiding?

Jimin and J-Hope's phones hide the secrets that BTS doesn't want you to know

What will Jimin and J-Hope's phones hide? It seems that both members of BTS have something that others will not want to reveal

ARMY knows BTS and all its facets very well, but perhaps there are still many secrets that these idols hide and especially the evidence on Jimin and J-Hope's cell phones.

BTS is a well-known K-Pop group, their career spans almost 9 years since their debut in 2013 and this boy band has been responsible for bringing happiness and joy to millions of fans through their songs. But also its members have had the best moments and experiences together.

It has been more than 9 years in which the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have been together, which is why great friendships have developed between them. Surely there are no secrets between these idols and they know each other very well, it could even seem that they read each other's minds or more.

And ARMY also knows a lot about their favorite idols, the fandom is dedicated in every aspect and just as they have managed to team up with their favorite group, they are also a great source of information about them. All data that has been revealed in interviews and other content is collected by fans.

But, will there be something that BTS hides from ARMY? Perhaps the answer will be found in Jimin and J-Hope's cell phones according to their own confessions, what will their secrets be about?

Jimin and J-Hope hide BTS' biggest secrets on their phones, what will they be?

In an interview, BTS was asked about who has the funniest photos of the group members on their cell phone. Jimin confessed that he had many, but if the contents of J-Hope's phone came out, they would all be done. LOL. So Bangtan's biggest secret is the funniest photos Mochi and Hobi have.

Jimin reveals the secrets about his phone | Twitter: @mhereonlyforbts

Can you imagine how funny the pictures that Jimin and J-Hope have on their cell phones can be? Hopefully one day they will build a photobook with those images that would make ARMY laugh a lot. 

Jimin also hides another secret in his cell phone wallpaper

It was recently revealed what is the wallpaper that Jimin uses on his cell phone and he couldn't show it to ARMY either since it was a very sexy photo, OMG. The other members of Bangtan saw the photo on VLive but never showed it to the public. One more secret for which we want to see the idol cell phone.

LOL, now every ARMY will want to see Jimin's cell phone, sexy photos and funny photos that we may never see. Those are BTS' secrets.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, have you ever wondered how they look like in person? A dancer revealed how was it to meet them. 

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