BTS Jungkook sending heart to his lovers

Jessi revealed her crush for Jungkook from BTS!

Since his 23rd birthday, the K-Pop star has transformed his personality from a cute little boy to a built-up handsome man. Not only are his female fans who are drooling over him, but several celebrities expressed their admiration.  The 32-year-old, Korean-American Rapper, Jessi has revealed that she loves the youngest member of BTS due to his masculine features and amazing body. Scroll down to find more about it!

  • In 2015, Jessi collaborated with BTS for SK telecom commercial.
  • She co-stared the commercial with Jungkook.
  • The South Korean actor,  Ha Jung Woo has always been a crush of the K-pop rapper but seems like the situation has changed now.
Jessi on shoot

The K-pop rapper talked about Jungkook in an episode of Jessi’s Show!terview. She was asked about her ideal type and everyone expected that she would take the name of Ha Jung Woo, her crush since forever. But surprisingly she didn't and said that she likes someone else these days.

There is someone that I think is quite cool these days but I don’t think I should say it.

This was enough to stir up the curiosity in the fans' minds. 

Jessi being the most adorable

Thanks to her, she didn't take long to reveal who that boy is!

I filmed a commercial with BTS, and back then Jungkook was just a baby, but now he’s really grown up to be a man.

Jungkook's flashing masculine features

So it was none other than, our favorite idol, Jungkook from BTS. Jessi looked absolutely adorable while talking about him and getting shy.

Adorable teenage Jungkook

A brief overview: Jessi did a commercial with BTS back in 2015 and at that time Jungkook was only 18 years old. And being the youngest member of the group, everyone referred to him as an adorable boy with a bunny smile. Same was the case with Jessi, but it's no longer true now.

Jungkook posing for the camera

He has groomed a lot and has become so much manly with his muscular body, long hair and sharp masculine features. Who cannot have a crush on such a charming boy? 

After this, Jessi was asked whom she would like to collaborate with for a duet? And unsurprisingly, she again took the name of Jungkook. Seems like Jessi is all about him these days!

Among foreign artists, I would choose Bruno Mars. And for a Korean singer…Jungkook is like a super star so you have to think realistically. So I would say…Jungkook!

Jessi on shoot

She definitely has a great taste as she chose the top stars for a collaboration. At this point, the all we can ask for is a collaboration between the both the K-pop stars. It would definitely be a killer combination!

Jungkook, the most handsome

What do you think about this duo? Let us know in the comments below and check out the iconic 2015 collaboration of BTS with Jessi!


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