SEVENTEEN might be neighbors in the future SEVENTEEN might be neighbors in the future

Jeonghan wishes that SEVENTEEN members continue to live together in the future

SEVENTEEN has become an inseparable family, and Jeonghan doesn't want to be without his members around in the future

After spending more than 7 years together, the members of SEVENTEEN can no longer see a future where they are apart, so Jeonghan wants the members to continue living together forever.

SEVENTEEN is a group of 13 members, and it might seem difficult for everyone to get along with so many people. But the truth is that they have an extremely close and affectionate relationship, all these artists have known each other even before debuting and have gone through many moments and experiences together that have made them a great family.

So SVT not only has a working relationship, they are all good friends and finally their ties have become very strong and close, full of love and true happiness that only they can have. Mingyu once said that when a member was not there, they didn't feel the same, there was a void that just couldn't be filled.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why all the idols of SEVENTEEN decided to renew their contract with Pledis Entertainment and continue together as a group for a few more years. In this 2022 their seventh anniversary is celebrated, but this does not make CARAT nervous anymore since it is known that they will continue together for a longer time.

But even after the contract ends and SEVENTEEN has to stop being a group, Jeonghan wants the members to continue living together or close, he can't imagine a future without his members.

Jeonghan wants SEVENTEEN to live in the same neighborhood in the future

On various occasions, Jeonghan has expressed his wish for SEVENTEEN to continue living together in the future. Maybe not exactly in dorms like they have, but he just says that he wants to live in the same neighborhood with his bandmates. This is how he shows that he no longer wants to be separated from his companions and wants to always have them close to him.

Even if the time passes, I hope we can live together in the same neighborhood

Jeonghan wants SEVENTEEN to live in the same neighborhood | Twitter: @jeonghandiary

 Surely the members of SEVENTEEN will continue to have many more adventures together in the future, their love and affection is really great and they show us that Pledis Entertainment has formed a great family that will stay together forever.

S.Coups also joined Jeonghan's dream and will be happy to be neighbors with his SEVENTEEN members

S.Coups, Jeonghan, and Mingyu appeared in Arena magazine and for their interview, Seungcheol and Hannie mentioned that they would be neighbors in the future and also drinking buddies. So S.Coups also joined this dream of Han with the neighborhood that SEVENTEEN idols could populate in the future.

S.Coups: i’ll be beside you~
Jeonhan: That’s right, i think we’ll be living in the same neighborhood and be drinking buddies every night, while being happy just like now?


It will be fun if SEVENTEEN idols share their adventures as neighbors in the future, will there be a new group fandom when they are neighbors and not an idol group? With this the group would have 3 fandoms in total. Hopefully Dr. Strange will show us what it's going to be like for the SVT guys, LOL.

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