Jeonghan's favorite track Jeonghan's favorite track

Jeonghan revealed his favorite SEVENTEEN song right now recommending it to everyone

Probably SEVENTEEN's biggest fan is Jeonghan and this time he told us what his new favorite song from his own idol group is

Jeonghan is always listening to SEVENTEEN, he really loves all of their group's songs and even though it might be difficult, he chose his current favorite one.

SEVENTEEN is an amazing K-Pop group whose idols work hard at all times. Both in the studio and on stage. One of its members is Yoon Jeonghan, who belongs to the group's Vocal Team as he is a simply excellent vocalist and has shown it in every song, and even as a solo artist.

Jeonghan has a great personality, plus he actually really likes SVT's own songs, he's probably the biggest fan of his own K-Pop group. It's rare that we hear Han talk about other bands and in his lives he always has their songs in the background and also his recommendations are full of SEVENTEEN.

It seems that Hannie actually likes SEVENTEEN's quiet and calm songs more, like 'Hug', 'Pinwheel' or 'I Wish', which are some of the ones he has recommended. And actually two of them are from the Vocal Team, so he seems to be really satisfied with his work.

Currently, what is Jeonghan's favorite song? It is one of the most recent tracks from SEVENTEEN that is on Face The Sun and Sector 17.

What is Jeonghan's current favorite song? It is one of the most recent tracks of SEVENTEEN

Jeonghan went on a radio show where he was asked what is the song he listens to most often these days, he said that two of them are ''Bout You' and '_WORLD' although more the former than the latter. He said that these were the songs that he liked the most, it seems that this track cheers him up.

This is a great song that we could hear on 'Face The Sun' and its 'Sector 17' repackage, it's quite cute and hopeful, like all the songs on both albums, it's OT3, that is with the full SEVENTEEN lineup .

What was Jeonghan's previous favorite song?

Previously, Jeonghan had revealed that his favorite SEVENTEEN song was 'To You', a song that can be found on 'Attacca' and is also very cute. CARAT loves to see how happy Han is to sing this track, it shows that he really enjoys both the song and doing the live performance.


'To You' is a great song, would also go into our favorites, (a.k.a. the entire SEVENTEEN discography), Jeonghan has great taste in music.

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