This SEVENTEEN members had their flight to Canada for world tour This SEVENTEEN members had their flight to Canada for world tour

Jeonghan, Joshua, DK and Vernon are on their way to Canada for SEVENTEEN's world tour

A third part of SEVENTEEN is already on its way to Canada to continue with Be The Sun World Tour

Four of the members of SEVENTEEN said goodbye to their fans at the airport as they took their flight to Canada since the idol group's Be The Sun World Tour is about to continue in America.

SEVENTEEN will finally reunite with CARAT internationally, we can say that during the pandemic, the fandom of this idol group grew exponentially. But due to the same world situation, the idol group could only hold concerts online. So we had 'Incomplete', later 'Caratland' and also 'Power Of Love'.

But of course, that was not the same as seeing their fans face to face, so at the end of 2021, SVT was able to give face-to-face concerts again. They joined Weverse Con, then they had their Korean fanmeeting, a short time later they had their Japanese fanmeeting as well. And, SEVENTEEN's world tour was finally announced.

'Be The Sun' is SEVENTEEN's upcoming world tour that already has confirmed dates in America and Asia, the idol group will visit the United States, Canada, Japan, the Philippines, India and more with great concerts. We could already see a preview of this as their Korean concerts were broadcast online for fans.

Be The Sun will continue, but now in America, so four of the SEVENTEEN members, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK and Vernon took their flight to Canada and said goodbye to K-CARAT at Incheon airport.

Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, and Vernon fly to Canada for SEVENTEEN tour, they say goodbye to Korea at the airport

Four of the members of SEVENTEEN took their flight to Canada where they will continue 'Be The Sun World Tour'. They said goodbye to the fans and the press at the airport. CARAT from all over the world is wishing that they arrive safely at their destination. Only a third of the group went ahead on the trip.

Although at times it was difficult for the idols to leave due to the agglutination of fans, they did their best to protect them. CARAT demands better security from Pledis for idols. It is not yet known when the rest of the members will leave, there are still another 9 that must leave for their world tour.

 When will SEVENTEEN's next concert be on Be The Sun World Tour?

SEVENTEEN's next concert on their world tour will be on August 10, 2022, this one will be in Vancouver, Canada from there they will have a lot of dates in the United States and other one in Toronto, Canada. These will be extremely exciting dates for CARAT North America to watch. It is also known that the concert on August 20 in Dallas will be broadcast in theaters around the world, what a thrill!

SEVENTEEN's Be The Sun is about to continue | Twitter: @WhatodooCanada

How exciting! Will you see SEVENTEEN in this World Tour? Or at least in the cinema maybe (like me, LOL) Well, we wait for the confirmation of more dates (please), the world wants to see SVT in concert (and mainly me, please).

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