Jennie and Jisoo!

Jennie vs. Jisoo! Who is the better vocalist?

Jennie and Jisoo are the lead vocalists of Blackpink. Both of them have a melodious voice, but each has a unique way of stealing the spotlight. Scroll down to find out our unbiased opinion on it!

  • After the success of Ice Cream, both Blackpink girls have earned a net worth of $8 million each.
  • Jennie's single hit 'Solo' has 586M views on Youtube.
  • While performing live, Jisoo has a more stable voice but Jenn is the queen of setting the stage on fire with her fiery performance.  

1) Different techniques

Jisoo looking gorgeous in white!

Are you a fan of Sooya's alluring voice? Her unique and raspy vocal tone greatly suits genres such as ballads and R&B. That's why she sings at a much lower scale than the other members. 

Jennie looking chic in a blue sequence dress!

Jennie on the other hand knows how to effortlessly pull off any rap style. Her powerful vocals never fail to impress us. She embraces her unique style by singing so confidently and outshines the other girls of the group.  

2) Their roles in Blackpink


Jisoo in black!

Kim Ji Soo is the face of the group. According to her fellow bandmate, Jennie, she is the best at harmonizing. Because of her magical voice she stands out the most in her group. Don't you agree?

Jennie looking stylish in the multi-colored ensemble!

Jenn is the main vocalist of the band and an amazing rapper too. She is the only member with two vocal positions. Her ability to speak languages like English, Korean and Japanese, helps her swoop most of the lines from each Blackpink song.

3) Live Vocals

Jisoo looking elegant in black!

Sooya's stage presence is very endearing. She has the talent to hit the high notes with clarity, even without auto tune. Her breath management is so proper that she's able to perform magically even while doing Blackpink difficult choreography. 

Jennie looking adorable in the white top!

Jennie does an amazing job of phrasing the words of the song in a stylized manner. Her swagger attitude while performing live sets the stage on fire. We all love this side of her.

Jisoo looks cute in the school girl attire!

On the contrary I don't think their levels are that different in terms of singing overall. However, Jisoo's calming voice has the perfect balance of husky and deep. I remember how I fell in love with Sooya after her fantastic performance in How you like that.
 Great dancing skills and amazing vocals, she has it all!

Check out their chart-topping video of How you like that below!


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