The K-pop star, Jennie Kim.

Jennie Kim displays her cleavage in public!

Is the stunning diva trying to push the boundaries of K-pop fashion? We have always seen the Blackpink singer in cute girlish looks, but this year she’s been playing more on the bold side. Seems like the talented rapper isn’t afraid to show some skin. Read below to find it out!

  • The 24-year-old star mostly spends her net worth of $8 million on buying luxurious outfits for herself.
  • She is the global ambassador of her favorite French house, ‘Chanel’
  • Jennie always sets new fashion trends for Blinks, as she has the most amazing style statement among all Blackpink queens. 
The talented K-pop band, Blackpink.

YG Entertainment has some strict rules, which every Blackpink member should follow. The company doesn't allow the girls to wear deep necklines. If they wear a revealing outfit at an event, the agency makes sure that they are covering themselves with a blanket. Yes, that's how strict they are!

Apart from the company's ban, revealing outfits are also not a part of the Asian culture. The Asian audience makes a huge part of the band's fandom, and they're not used to their stars showing a lot of skin. However, the K-pop queens have now become famous in the US, so they are ready to try out American styles. 

Jennie Kim is looking extremely gorgeous in this blue dress.

The bold looks are becoming one of the most head-turning trends all over the world. Stars like Jennie Kim have been experimenting with these styles and not even a single look has disappointed us. 

Our queen is the most confident Blackpink member when it comes to daring looks. She isn't afraid to show her amazing figure to her admirers. This jaw-dropping look of Jennie has impressed millions of her followers. 

The South Korean diva posing for a picture.

She’s wearing a beautiful blue sequins dress which puts her cleavage on full display, and also highlights the beauty of her body. Jennie is the first member of Blackpink to expose her cleavage in public.

Apart from her outfit, she’s wearing incredible jewelry pieces and bold makeup which is complimenting her overall look. I think this is one of her gorgeous outfits so far. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

If you want to see her chic blue outfit than watch her song, 'Solo' below:

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