JYP Entertainment teamed up with Republic Records for A2K JYP Entertainment teamed up with Republic Records for A2K

JYP Entertainment will hold auditions in North America for a new girl group with A2K

Do you want to become an idol? You don't need to live in Korea, as JYP Entertainment and Republic Records will hold auditions in North America

Republic Records and JYP Entertainment have teamed up to create 'A2K', a new project in which a new girl group will be created, what will it be about? You can become an idol with the auditions they will have in North America.

JYP Entertainment is one of the most important K-Pop agencies in the industry, from this company we have seen a lot of amazing groups like TWICE, GOT7, STRAY KIDS, DAY6 and more that have been part of the history of this great institution. . Every time he is trying to innovate in K-Pop.

And this time around, JYP is going big, as the K-Pop agency will be collaborating with one of the biggest music companies in America. Republic Records, a record label that has worked with international artists like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd and more.

In fact, Republic Records has also worked with K-Pop groups, including a couple from JYP Entertainment, SKZ, and ITZY. Perhaps this is how the union of both companies that have now prepared the America2Korea project began, what will it be about? It seems that American artists will be groomed as K-Pop trainees to create a super group.

A2K will recruit some people who participate in the auditions, then they will have a final contest in Los Angeles and those who are selected will travel to South Korea to start their training period. They will finally debut in the United States, OMG. Learn more about the auditions they will have.

JYP Entertainment and Republic Records have created A2K and will hold auditions for a new girl group from the US

Now that you know what A2K will be about, here's all the information about the auditions. Republic Records released a video in which we hear more about both JYP Entertainment and Republic Records. Finally, in a video call they explain everything about America2Korea and about the auditions that will bring the first American artist made with a K-Pop system.

In September these auditions will take place in 5 US cities, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York were chosen. So now you know if you think you have the potential to become an idol, you better prepare yourself.

What does it take to audition for A2K from JYP Entertainment and Republic Records?

On the page amerika2korea.com you can find all the requirements for the A2K auditions. You have to identify yourself as she/her/them, be between 12 and 16 years old, be a dancer, rapper or singer. It is also important to mention that parents or guardians must be part of the process as they are minors.

Requirements for A2K auditions | Source: america2korea.com

Will you audition to become an American idol? Wow! This is super exciting, plus in the JYP building you will be able to see K-Pop idols too. 

Meanwhile, keep reading more about your favorite K-Pop groups, here we have some songs with the same name but from different bands.

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