JAY B is now a CEO JAY B is now a CEO

JAY B joins GOT7's CEO line, get to know everything about his new company

GOT7 members are not only talented artists, they are also smart businessmen and now JAY B has his own company

GOT7's Jaebeom has become CEO, now we know he has a new company to run, what is his new venture about? Get to know everything about it.

GOT7 is a K-Pop group filled with extremely talented members who are passionate and dedicated to music. These 7 idols have worked together since their debut in 2014. On their 7th anniversary, they decided to leave the agency they were born in, but they did not separate their paths at all.

Although since 2021 each member of GOT7 has been concentrating on their personal projects and solo music, this does not mean that they have forgotten about the group. But if we look at more of their solo work, we'll find that they each took a similar path albeit in different places.

Like JAY B, who is the leader of GOT7 but has also worked as a writer, composer, and producer. And that's not all, he has also performed as an actor and when he ended his relationship with JYP he joined the label H1ghr Music where he debuted as a solo artist and has been shining by himself ever since.

And now Jaebeom is also an entrepreneur, this amazing artist joins GOT7's CEO line with his new company, get to know everything about it.

GOT7's JAY B has a new company, he is now the CEO of 528Hz

528Hz is the name of GOT7's JAY B's new company, he is the CEO of this new record label that will handle album production, DVDs, tours, lightsticks, film/TV licenses, live performances and more. This is already a registered trademark by the idol and he also already has his own Instagram account.

JAY B's new company | Instagram: @528hz.kr and Twitter: @jiaeritz

So now you know the new company of the CEO Jaebeom, it will surely have a great success and we will see many stars come out of this new record label that will have the command and talents of an artist as complete as JAY B.

Who are the CEO Line of GOT7?

GOT7's CEO Line is Jackson Wang with his company TEAM WANG which is a record label but he also desinged some clothes under this company. Mark Tuan is also a member of this line with his company Team Duan Yien Studios which is his studio in Los Angeles. And now, JAY B is part of these entrepeneur line too.

GOT7 CEO line | Twitter: @kickitjy

Well, we wish a lot of success to these artists and entrepreneurs who love to work with music and give much more to the fans who are always supporting and showing their love for every project of the members of GOT7.

Keep reading more about GOT7, here we tell you everything about its long-awaited comeback which might be closer than we think. 

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