J-Hope's Arson MV J-Hope's Arson MV

J-Hope's Arson has an explosive new teaser that makes us excited for its release

It's almost time for the release of 'Jack In The Box' and 'Arson' will have an explosive MV that J-Hope shows us in a new teaser

Are you ready for more J-Hope music? The BTS rapper will soon release 'Jack In The Box' with many surprises for his fans, including 'Arson' who has a new amazing teaser.

J-Hope has everything ready for his next solo album. 'Jack In The Box' will be a gem that we won't be able to stop listening to, the BTS rapper has already shown us a bit of this with 'More', a song that impressed everyone with his style, we can't stop listening to it.

But 'JITB' will not only have one song, Jung Hoseok has prepared a total of 10 tracks for this upcoming release. The tenth song in this will surprisingly be the one that the rapper will also promote soon. 'Arson' has already shown us J-Hope's great power in some teasers.

ARMY is really excited for the next album that Hobi is going to release and we can't wait to enjoy all the talent of this artist as a solo artist. He has prepared many more surprises for his fans with this release, in addition to the digital album and special photocards.

In fact, 'Arson' will have a great MV that we can't wait to see, and in a new teaser he shows us how explosive 'Jack In The Box' will get as soon as J-Hope releases it.

J-Hope releases a new teaser for Arson MV, this track will be explosive

Through YouTube, a new teaser was released for the 'Arson' MV that J-Hope will premiere along with the entire 'Jack In The Box' album, in which the phrase 'Let's Burn' stands out and there is precisely a detonator that explodes a car in the video when Hobi attacks with his powerful rhymes.

Woah! 'Arson' will be really great, we already want to see this music video. His teasers have excited all the fans who really want to listen to 'Jack In The Box' already.

 When does J-Hope's Arson MV premiere?

On July 15, 2022 at 1 PM South Korea time. So we are already hours away from its premiere, in less than 48 hours we will be able to listen to this new track, see its MV and also 'Jack In The Box' in its entirety, aren't you excited about this?

Arson MV premiere | Twitter: @BTSarmy4ever94

We're ready for 'Jack In The Box' and 'Arson' MV, we know that J-Hope did a great job in this one, so we can't wait for all he has prepared for us.

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