J-Hope is going to release Jack In The Box J-Hope is going to release Jack In The Box

J-Hope will release his next album Jack In The Box soon and here's what you need to know

Jack In The Box will be J-Hope's next album, this member of BTS has new music ready to release very soon

J-Hope will be the first member of BTS to release his solo album, here's everything you need to know about Jack In The Box.

BTS is an idol group full of talent, its members are really amazing singers, rappers and dancers who give their all in every comeback and performance. One of them is Jung Hoseok whom we know as J-Hope who has served as a rapper and dancer for his idol group.

J-Hope is an extremely talented artist and dedicated to music, his way of dancing is a proof of it but also his voice and rapping are amazing. He has been featured in quite a few of Bangtan Sonyeondan's songs. Besides that he has also released his solo mixtapes with more of his talent and skills for the whole world.

'Hope World' is one of Hobi's mixtapes that brought us great songs like 'Airplane' or 'Hangsang'. These were written by J-Hope himself, so he is an excellent artist with great creativity that comes through in his work even as a solo artist. We adore the songs of this idol.

And soon we will have new music from J-Hope as this BTS idol will be the first to release his solo album, so find out about all the details of his premiere.

J-Hope will release Jack In The Box soon, this is all we know about his new album

BigHit has announced that J-Hope will be releasing his next solo album very soon. He will be the first Bangtan member to have a solo album. It will be called 'Jack In The Box' and his first single will be released on July 1, 2022. J-Hope has already shared one of the first teasers on his official Instagram account.

We are days away from hearing J-Hope's new song and we can't wait any longer for 'Jack In The Box' and all the surprises it will bring. New Hobi music is on the way! 

When will J-Hope's Jack In The Box be fully released?

As we said before, the first single from Jack In The Box will be released on July 1st, but the full album will be available from July 15th. Perhaps there is also a physical sale of this J-Hope's production and it is estimated that it could have at least two versions, we will be on the lookout of all of the things that the idol will release.

J-Hope's Jack In The Box is coming soon | Twitter: @btschartdata

We are ready for this new era of J-Hope and the new music that the BTS idol has been preparing for ARMY and the world.

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