J-Hope in his interview with Zico J-Hope in his interview with Zico

J-Hope was invited to Zico's new show where he revealed all his secrets

J-Hope and Zico had a great interview, what did the BTS rapper reveal in 'Give me a minute'?

Zico invited J-Hope to his new show, 'Give me a minute', where the BTS member revealed a lot of things that perhaps no one knew about him.

J-Hope is one of the BTS rappers, right now he is promoting 'Jack In The Box', his most recent solo album with which he has completely surprised us. He impregnated all of himself in the songs of this production in which he worked individually. The fans can not be more than happy.

Soon we will also see Hobi at Lollapalooza with a full solo show for the first time in his history, it's a very exciting event. In fact, he is already in Chicago to perform his concert on July 31. ARMY is showing him a lot of love and support for this festival.

We love seeing this new facet of J-Hope, he has always worked both on BTS songs and on his mixtapes in the best way. He has his own inspirations, processes and so on. We think that Hobi has also maybe become a bit more social as he threw a party for 'JITB'.

In addition to now spending time with rapper Zico, he has a new online show called 'Give Me A Minute', J-Hope was a special guest and revealed some of his secrets to us.

J-Hope revealed his music-making process, concepts, and more in his interview with Zico

Rapper Zico has a new show and to interview J-Hope, he went to the big HYBE building to meet him. In this interview Hobi revealed that sometimes to make his own music he had to work in a bit limited conditions, since he had his busiest time with activities with BTS.

Honestly, in the past, I really didn't have time. We had so many things to do as BTS. I often worked on music abroad with just a computer and a dynamic microphone


Zico also asked J-Hope about his nails, and Hobi said that he paints them according to the concept of his music, like he did previously with 'Chicken Noodle Soup' and now with 'More' and 'Arson'.

Siento que siempre me las hago cuando lanzo una nueva canción

J-Hope also revealed that he wanted his individual identity to shine through in Jack In The Box

In the interview, J-Hope talked a lot about 'Jack In The Box', describing it in broad strokes and also, more in Zico's words, he said that he wanted his individual identity to be revealed on the album, which was something I thought that should be there before your musical journey. Surely we will have more music from Hobi with more of his personal stamp.

 Following trends and stuff is not a bad thing, and it's something I can do, but I want people to see that I'm someone capable of doing what I want. I'm that kind of artist


We love this new great facet of J-Hope solo, we are glad to see how much support he is receiving and that from here on out we will have more of him.

Keep reading more about J-Hope and his next activities, here we tell you more about how ARMY is supporting him for Lollapalooza.

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