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J-Hope reveals photos of his BTS friendship tattoo on Instagram

BTS members finally got their friendship tattoo. Do you want to see J-Hope's tattoo?

A few days ago, a big confusion was all over the internet after BTS members announced that they will be working on some projects from now on. The shocking news was misconfused with a disbanding statement.

However, ARMY doesn't need to be worried, the members will stick together but they will prioritize their solo career for the first time since their debut. HYBE and even the seven Idols have already talked about it to bring back the peace.

BTS for 'Yet To Come / Twitter @BTS_MAGISHOP

The members are constantly sharing how much they love and respect each other. To celebrate Bangtan's 9th anniversary the members finally got their friendship tattoos. J-Hope has revealed photos. Do you want to see it?

BTS' J-Hope drops photos of his friendship tattoo

On June 15th BTS' J-Hope posted various photos on his Instagram account. He added the comment "Yet To Come". We can see the Idol during the filming of BTS' latest music video. Hoseok looks really handsome wearing a white suit.

J-Hope's post / Instagram @uarmyhope

However, ARMY's attention was caught by J-Hope's pictures of his ankle. The rapper got the "7" tattoo, which is the symbol of Bangtan's friendship. It gave relief to the fans, the group will be together for a long time.

J-Hope's tattoo / Instagram @uarmyhope

Previously, RM also shared photos of his tattoo. The fandom is wondering if the rest of the members also have already the tattoo. At the moment, the fans are suspecting Jimin could have it on his hand.

Right now ARMY is trying to figure out where are the rest of the tattoos for the other members. Anyways, we just have to wait a little bit more, the Idols will reveal it when they will be ready for it. Did you like J-Hope's tattoo?

HYBE has explained  'BTS hiatus'. Here's all the information about it.

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