J-Hope had a lot of feelings before and after Lollapalooza J-Hope had a lot of feelings before and after Lollapalooza

J-Hope reveals how he felt and prepared for his Lollapalooza show

There is no doubt that we saw J-Hope in one of his greatest moments at Lollapalooza, but how did he feel about this performance?

We still can't get over J-Hope's 2022 Lollapalooza show and this was a performance that brought great joy to his fans, but how did he feel about this big stage and all the support he received?

J-Hope is now a legend, the BTS rapper had his great performance at Lollapalooza, this is one of the most important music festivals. The history of this event is long and has had many artists in its editions but Hobi was the first Korean artist to headline a main stage of a major festival in the US.

Fans from all over the world came to Lollapalooza just to see Hobi, it is known that most of the tickets on Sunday were sold thanks to the presence of this great artist, even the festival organizer himself revealed it. We could also see in the audience a lot of flags from Mexico, Chile, Colombia and more from fans who went to the US just for J-Hope.

The crowd was amazing, we could see a lot of ARMYBombs shine as Hobi performed, it was a sea of ARMYs showing J-Hope all their love and support at his first solo concert. We are sure that it was not something easy and it was surely different, since he is used to sharing the stage with his other 6 members of BTS.

How did J-Hope feel about his performance at Lollapalooza? He revealed his feelings during the concert and with all the support he received, even from Jimin who also traveled to see him.

How did J-Hope feel for Lollapalooza? This is how he prepared for this great event in his career

For J-Hope, his performance at Lollapalooza was quite a challenge, but nothing he can't beat. He confessed that he prepared for 6 hours a day before his show, because for this rapper it is important to put the name of BTS on high. He also accepted that Jimin's support was crucial at this time, as he was sometimes in a dark world and his groupmate became his light.

I think I had such a great experience. Taking on a challenge is definitely fun

J-Hope talked about Lollapalooza on VLive | Twitter: @justlovepjm

Of course, always before a big event we can all be nervous, but within it there must also be determination and professionalism, something that is part of J-Hope and that is why we saw him shine on the Lollapalooza stage.

Jimin also expressed himself as a fan of J-Hope when he saw him train and on stage at Lollapalooza

Jimin was not going to miss J-Hope at Lollapalooza, he traveled to see Hobi and also accompanied him during his preparation process. In the end and seeing the result that his groupmate had on stage, he had no hesitation in expressing his feelings even as a fan of J-Hope, he was very nice and sincere.

 Today I watched you as a fan, and you killed it

Jimin expressing his love for J-Hope | Twitter: @btsqtsarchive

 Well Lollapalooza we loved it, we really thought it was so great and we can't get over it, we hope a world tour of Hobi, it would be wonderful.

Keep reading more about J-Hope at Lollapalooza, here we have his best moments.

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