ARMY shows love and support to J-Hope for Lollapalooza ARMY shows love and support to J-Hope for Lollapalooza

J-Hope receives all the love and support from ARMYs around the world for Lollapalooza

There are plenty of ARMYs who are traveling to see J-Hope at Lollapalooza and show their support for the BTS rapper

We are already very close to seeing J-Hope at Lollapalooza and before this great show Hobi noticed how much ARMY is supporting him for this performance.

There is no doubt that BTS has one of the biggest and best fandoms in all of K-Pop history. ARMY has really shown their support and love at all times and there are people all over the world who belong to this loyal fanbase. The records, awards and more are thanks to everything the fans do.

And this time we are seeing that even individually, the Bangtan Boys receive everything from their followers. With the return of J-Hope as a solo artist with 'Jack In The Box'. ARMY has been streaming their songs, placing it at the top of iTunes, Spotify and other digital platforms.

And obviously, ARMY could not stay out and leave Hobi on his own, all the fans are looking for a way to support him. Although it is not possible for everyone, there are always different ways to show your love. But something that is causing the idol a lot of emotion is seeing all the support he has for Lollapalooza.

ARMY showed all their affection and love to J-Hope not only on Weverse, this is what fans are doing to show their support for the BTS rapper.

ARMY goes above and beyond to show their support to J-Hope for Lollapalooza

Through Weverse ARMY left a lot of messages for J-Hope, the whole fandom is showing their love and support in different ways. Some fans are traveling to Chicago to see Hobi live at Lollapalooza. Other fans tell him that they will watch him online but will make noise as soon as he takes the stage. All messages of support have been well received by the idol.

ARMY showing their love and support for Hobi on Weverse | Twitter: @TheWingsOfBE

It doesn't matter if you are going to see J-Hope online or live, the important thing is to show him all the love and support from all over the world.

J-Hope also shows that he is ready and excited for Lollapalooza

On Weverse, J-Hope also showed how excited and ready he is for Lollapalooza and asked everyone to 'make some noise', this performance will be super exciting, we can't wait to see it on Weverse Live and also on Hulu.

J-Hope on Weverse | Twitter: @TheWingsOfBE

Until in a couple more days it will be the J-Hope show at Lollapalooza, we have everything ready for this July 31.

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