J-Hope is important for Lollapalooza J-Hope is important for Lollapalooza

J-Hope is very important for Lollapalooza, it was revealed by the festival organizer

J-Hope's power is simply amazing and he tested it at Lollapalooza, the organizer of this festival confirmed it

Finally today is the presentation of J-Hope at Lollapalooza 2022 and he is an extremely important act for this festival, for many reasons that the event organizer himself revealed to us.

J-Hope is about to make history, the BTS rapper will perform solo at the Lollapalooza festival. Finally, after the wait, his fans will be able to see him with a 1-hour set complete with his solo songs. We are sure that it will be a review of all his mixtapes, singles and his album.

With 'Jack In The Box', Hobi showed us a new facet of himself, one that we didn't fully know. Our bright little sun from Bangtan Sonyeondan turned dark and put decision, passion and more in his lyrics that really conquered ARMY again, it has been wonderful to listen to songs like 'More', 'Arson' or 'Safety Zone'

And now that J-Hope is taking the Lollapalooza stage, it will be great to see him perform some of these songs live for the first time. The fans are really excited, many from different parts of the world have traveled to Chicago, United States, to see Hobi live.

And in fact, perhaps this is what is proving the importance of J-Hope for Lollapalooza 2022. The festival organizer revealed why the BTS rapper is showing his power in this amazing event.

J-Hope is showing his power at Lollapalooza, why is he such an important artist for the festival?

J-Hope demonstrated his power at Lollapalooza due to the high demand for tickets and others for the day of his show, which is today, Sunday, July 31. The organizer of Lollapalooza revealed that in more than 30 years, no artist had achieved this and that 50% of the tent will be dedicated to Hobi merch. OMG, he sold a lot of tickets thanks to headlining the fest.

In 31 years, no artist has sold as many tickets as Hoseok. On Sunday, 50% of the product tent will be dedicated to him. There has never been so much demand for an artist at this festival

The power of J-Hope in Lollapalooza | Twitter: @BTSquadInfo

 We are happy to see the success that J-Hope is having at Lollapalooza, we can't wait for his show, we are sure it will be unforgettable.

What is the merch J-Hope is selling at Lollapalooza?

The merch J-Hope is selling at Lollapalooza is special, one that you can only find and buy at the festival. Many fans are loving it and there are those who already bought theirs because they went to other days of the fest before. The prices vary

J-Hope¿s merch in Lollapalooza | Twitter: @armymiyane

What a thrill! We already want to see Hobi's show at Lollapalooza, we will surely have a legendary setlist, we can't wait any longer.

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