J-Hope has a new teaser for More J-Hope has a new teaser for More

J-Hope excites fans for More with this new teaser, what awaits us in Jack In The Box?

J-Hope's 'More' is about to arrive and 'Jack In The Box' will have a great style, this new teaser proves it

J-Hope will release the first single from his album 'Jack In The Box' very soon, and this new 'More' teaser reveals the great style of his new music.

J-Hope is more than ready to show the world his new music. This member of BTS has worked as a solo artist before. His rapping and dancing add a special touch to each song and performance of the idol group. But also individually this artist knows how to shock the world and his fans with his own songs.

Previously, Jung Hoseok released 'Hope World', a sensational mixtape with great songs and all the style of this impressive rapper. J-Hope really strives to show his true self to the world and leave a new message with each track. Now that Bangtan will have fewer group activities and more individual activities, Hobi is the first to shine with his talents.

'Jack In The Box' will be Hobi's new album where he will show us a new facet. The first teasers that have been revealed are full of mystery. The concept seems dark and we have seen the rapper pose in front of the cameras with a style that perhaps fans didn't expect.

'More' will be the first single that J-Hope will release from 'Jack In The Box', this first song is about to be released, it will have a great style and this new teaser shows it to us. This is how the BTS rapper excites us for his next solo.

J-Hope reveals More's great style in a new teaser, now we know more about this Jack In The Box song

Through the official channel of HYBE, a new teaser of 'More' was released, a song that J-Hope will release as the first single from 'Jack In The Box', his next album. In this little preview we can hear a little more of this new song, it will have a unique and quite brilliant style. We already want to hear the full song!

What do you think of this new preview of 'More'? The truth is that now we want to hear it MORE, LOL. surely J-Hope will surprise us with this next song.

When is the release date for J-Hope's 'More'?

July 1, 2022 at 1 PM South Korea time is the release date for J-Hope's 'More'. This will only be the first single from 'Jack In The Box' as the full album will arrive on July 15th. We can't wait any longer to hear it!

More is about to get here | Twitter: @btschaneIs

The countdown to 'More' has begun and we can't wait any longer for this next song from J-Hope, he makes us more and more excited for his next album.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like Jungkook, who plays with ARMY but in a good way, I promise.

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