Ning Ning and Lisa

Is the new K-Pop group Aespa trying to be the next Blackpink?

Wow! What question. Isn't all the new K-Pop groups trying to be the next BTS or Blackpink? Of course, everyone wants to succeed outside and inside their home country, and obviously, among so many groups to choose from, it is difficult to stand out and be the best. But it costs nothing to try, and the Aespa girls certainly started off on the right foot. Keep reading to be part of this conversation.  

  • Let's see, in 2016 YG Entertainment introduced us to Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa as the new group Balckpink. 
  • Their debut was phenomenal with the song “Whistle”, today the music video for the song has 582 million views on YouTube!
  • The four members of Blackpink were chosen very carefully by YP Entertainment, in fact, the company took almost four years to debut the group.
  •  Most of the members were trainees since 2010 before debuting as idols.

Nowadays, the pinky but dark girls at the same time are the most listened Korean pop girl band worldwide.

However, her reign could meet its end with the four new girls from SM Entertainment. Karina, Giselle, Ning Ning, and Winter came stomping up.

Their music video “Black Mamba” was released on November 17 and in 24 hours it got 32 million views on YouTube.

On the other hand, it is curious that SME chose the same number of members, although the Aespa girls have been apprentices for 4 years in the company, except for Giselle who made her debut with only 11 months of training.


 Something that called the fans' attention is the avatar of one of the members of Aespa, that of the Chinese singer Ning Ning.

Many think that her alter ego is too much like Lisa from Blackpink and in fact it is.

I don't know if there is something wrong with taking such a beautiful girl as an inspiration for an avatar.

What is certain is that SM bet on a standard of beauty that they already know works with the public.

Ning Ning's avatar and Lisa from Blackpink.

The Aespa girls have come with advanced technology and a strong footprint.

What do you think? Will Aespa become like Blackpink or better yet?

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