Is NCT taking over the K-Pop music industry? Is NCT taking over the K-Pop music industry?

Is the NCT going to be the next big K-pop band after BTS?

Bangtan Boys have taken over the world with their music, but it seems like the trend will change sooner than later. Since the NCT boys are gaining the spotlight as the BTS once did, let’s find out what’s grabbing fans’ attention, and what is it that people love about them?  

  • NCT stands for Neo Culture Technology, and the name was given to them by their producer Lee Sooman.
  • It is a Korean boy band that originated in Seoul, South Korea, in 2016.
  • The band has 23 members; however, it has four further branches that the singers are divided into.
NCT boy band is the newest emerging talent around the globe

The NCT craze has been increasing with each passing day. Like BTS, they are gaining fame for multiple reasons, and people are predicting that they might become the most famous Korean band soon, leaving Bangtan boys behind. Why do people think that NCT will take over the fame BTS has had over the years? To find out, you have to keep reading. But before that, I want to give a little disclaimer here. Just keep in mind that the article is unbiased and solely based on fans' opinions. I don’t want to be killed by dearest ARMY or NCTzen by the end, lol. Let’s dive into the details!

Their vocals are better

Fans think that NCT boys have better vocalists than BTS

Honestly, it won’t be surprising if the rising band has better vocalists because they are 21 members, thrice as much as BTS. So it’s reasonable and agreeable that they have a wide variety of artists, each better than the other. A lot of people argue that they are better in vocals as compared to BTS, and this could potentially make them a bigger hit in the coming days. Keeping in mind that BTS was initially a band for rappers, it is obvious why they lack good vocals (as per fans’ opinions).

Their camera appearance is better

Looks matter at least for the K-Pop followers therefore they think NCTs have a better screen appearance

As we researched and read peoples’ comments, we were surprised to find out that numerous fans were biased towards NCT because of their appearance. Many of them suggested that the NCT boys are better looking and have a more pleasing camera appearance than the Bangtan Boys. However, it’s just an opinion, and we highly think that BTS boys have their own charm no matter what!

Their personalities attract majority of the people 

People love the artists' humorous personalities

While reading comments online, I realized that many people (or almost everyone who was arguing in favor of NCT) mentioned their personalities and how they make fans laugh. Since there are more members, there is a high possibility that the fact is actual. The group also has younger people ranging from teenagers to late ’20s, which means they understand their millennial fans more than anyone else and speak their minds.

NCT’s freedom of adding people makes them superior

NCT allows unlimited number of people to join the group

The next big Korean band has a policy that allows them to add more people to the group, unlike BTS, with only seven members since forever. It permits them to have the best of the best in each category. If they need a dancer, they can have one even from outside the band. If they need a rapper, the best ones are welcome.
There’s no limit to addition in the group, which makes them superior. On the other hand, every person comes with a different idea, so their music videos are trendy and provide a different vibe every time.

NCT is gaining fame as fast and as much as BTS and other K-Pop groups

It is a personal and research-based opinion. Everyone has a valid reason for liking their preferred bands, which makes the discussion even more compelling. However, in my personal view, BTS has a different genre and vibe altogether that is equally as good as the NCT’s. I’m biased towards neither, but I would love to know your views in the comments below. Let's see how many of you support NCT and why!

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