TXT in Dallas TXT in Dallas

Is TXT in danger? MOA is worried about the members' security during their concerts

During the TXT concert in Dallas, a man came close to the group. The incident is making the fans worried about the Idols' security.

Despite having just a couple of years in the industry, TXT is already a global success. It is one of the most important groups of the youngest K-Pop generation. Its music and performances are really cool.

The singers of "Good Boy Gone Bad" are in the middle of the "ACT : LOVE SICK" tour. These good-looking Idols are driving crazy the crowds in North America with their flawless concert. All the shows got sold out. Their popularity is insane!

TXT in Dallas / Twitter @TXT_bighit

This tour is very meaningful for the members. They have shared how happy they are to see MOA again. At the same time, the fans are truly enjoying their performances. However, sometimes there could be someone that can get even more excited. Fans are worried because of this incident.

TXT faces an uncommon situation during its Dallas concert

On July 14th Tomorrow x Together held its Dallas concert for the "ACT : LOVE SICK" in the United States. As usual, the Idols offered wonderful performances. However, MOA is a concern after this show.

Almost at the end of the show, a man from the public walked forward to the stage. The members were shocked to see him in the scenario since the security staff didn't stop him. Eventually, the man was forced to go back to his seat.

It was not the only issue of the night. While singing some hits, TXT members walk around the venue while greeting the fans. Again, a man holding a lightstick suddenly came pretty close to the artists. Fans think the security staff should be more careful.

These incidents were viral, so the fanatics noticed that there are tons of people not wearing masks while interacting with the group. The pandemic is almost over but COVID is still around. Recently, STRAY KIDS members get sick during their tour. MOA is asking for the venue staff to take care of this aspect as well. They won't like to see the members as sick as their colleagues.

What do you think about it? Beomgyu's participation in the tour is limited. Check out more about it here.

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