Will Nayeon debut as a solo artist? Will Nayeon debut as a solo artist?

Is TWICE's Nayeon going to debut as a solo artist? This is all you need to know

Looks like TWICE's Nayeon is preparing for her solo debut, here's all we know so far

Rumors about TWICE's Nayeon's solo debut are becoming more and more real, how did ONCE find out that the idol would be working on an album?

TWICE is a K-Pop girl group that has 9 talented members. All of them have combined their amazing skills and abilities in the studio and on stage to delight their huge fanbase. But these stars not only shine together and have shown it on several occasions.

As a group, TWICE does the best job but 'Melody Project' has let us see more of the idols solo or duo. This is a small project on YouTube where the members of the group usually upload covers, we were once able to listen to Nayeon interpreting 'Love Is Everything' by Ariana Grande.

Nayeon is so talented as a singer and dancer that she gives each TWICE song its own unique stamp. Her great personality has also conquered ONCE on many occasions and her fandom loves to see her work with her group and would also like to see her as a solo artist.

And it seems that something is giving a signal about Nayeon's solo debut, what will it be? ONCE realized that JYP Entertainment might be up to something.

This sign says that TWICE's Nayeon would be debuting as a solo artist with her first mini album

Fans noticed that on the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) platform there was an item registered under JYP Entertainment with the name 'NA/1st Mini Album'. This would be the sign that Nayeon would debut as a solo artist with her first mini album. How did you know that is the idol of TWICE? A similar case was previously noted but with SHINee's Onew, there was the item registered as 'ON/2nd mini album' under SM Entertainment and it was the idol's 'Dice' album.

Will Nayeon debut as a solo artist? | Twitter: @twice_trans

So this can be a great sign that we will have new music from Nayeon soon, are you all ready to receive it? It will be just great.

Meanwhile, there will also be a TWICE comeback

According to K-Media, TWICE would have a comeback in May 2022, so there would also be full group music, so exciting! Or was the report directed at Nayeon's solo? We'll find out soon!

TWICE might have a comeback in May | Twitter: @Data_Twice

We can't wait for TWICE's new music that will surely come very soon, just like Nayeon's solo, we are very excited!

While we wait for new TWICE's music, keep readng more about them, ONCE found out something that these idols won't do so well, what is it? 

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