Is TWICE coming back with a cute concept? ONCE expects a sweet style for 'BETWEEN 1&2'

JYP Entertainment has revealed all the details about TWICE's upcoming album "BETWEEN 1&2". ONCE is wondering what kind of concept chose the group.

In 2015 TWICE conquered millions of hearts thanks to its awesome hits. At the same time, the global public fell for the adorable charisma of the members. They offer the perfect balance between cuteness and cheerful concepts.

During the last few years, these beautiful singers have been releasing music with a more mature style. However, they are not forgetting their fresh and even playful style. Anyway, they drop nothing but successful singles.


There are high expectations for their upcoming album. The K-Pop sensation is coming back with "BETWEEN 1&2". ONCE is wondering if the project will use a lovely concept. Weare telling you everything about it.

TWICE drops the first picture for 'BETWEEN 1&2'

On July 25th JYP Entertainment opened the pre-sale for the new TWCE album. The physical of "BETWEEN 1&2" will be available in four versions: "Archive", "Cryptography", "Pathfinder" and "Complete".

TWICE for 'BETWEEN 1&2' / Twitter @scyfacha

At the same time, the cover and first picture for the album was released. The nine members are posing playfully, and pretending to hide behind. Some fans think it looks like the child game 'Peek a Boo'.

Even if we cannot see too much of their outfits, ONCE is pointing out that they are wearing a retro-modern style.  Anyways, there is no doubt that the members look stunning. Their new hairstyles are on point.

On the other hand, many fanatics are wishing the group to return to the cute concepts. For sure, there are using their bubblegum style again. What do you think about it? In your opinion, what is the meaning of the title?

If you are missing TWICE cute music, check these iconic songs by the group. They were adorable!

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