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Is STRAY KIDS starting a new era? A new album might be here pretty soon

STAY noticed STRAY KIDS is starting a new era. Here is everything about its upcoming album.

No matter what is your fandom, is impossible not to love STRAY KIDS music. As you may know, the members of this group are the ones who produce and write their songs. Their undeniable talent is conquering the most important global markets.

These good-looking gentlemen have made dance the whole K-Pop fan world with powerful hits such as "Thunderous", "God's Menu", "Back Door" and more. They drop nothing but quality singles.

STRAY KIDS for the 'MANIAC' tour / Twitter @Stray_Kids

The boy group just finished its successful world tour "MANIAC" with two awesome concerts in Japan. Now, the fans are noticing that the group is already preparing a new album. We are telling you what STAY discovered.

STRAY KIDS will release a new album pretty soon.

On August 4th STAY went crazy after noticing that STRAY KIDS' official YouTube channel created a new playlist called "Album Special 'Mixtape : Time Out". As you may know, "Time Out" is a special single the group released to celebrate its fandom's birthday.

STRAY KIDS new YouTube playlist / Twitter @skzneyi

STAY think this adorable song might be part of the upcoming album of the group. Apparently, a new era is already starting. These details coincide with some previous rumors about STRAY KIDS' comeback in September.

That is not all, recently the group announced a new concert for the MANIAC tour in Seoul. The members will perform at the KSPO DOME on September 17 and 18th. The special show added the title "UNVEIL 11".

It seems like this title is related to the upcoming album. At the same time, international STAY is waiting for more dates to be announced. We all are wondering, will the MANIAC tour have a second part?

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