Lisa is the most searched idol of BLACKPINK Lisa is the most searched idol of BLACKPINK

Is Lisa the most popular BLACKPINK member? Since debut she was searched everywhere

Stats never lie and since BLACKPINK's debut, Lisa has been leading in searches of many sites, this is how she proves her popularity

BLACKPINK members are very popular, but since debut, Lisa drew more attention for various reasons and everyone wanted to know about her.

BLACKPINK is an amazing K-Pop girl group made up of 4 extremely talented and charismatic idols. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa combine their talents and personalities perfectly to shine with their songs and performances. This is how the four have managed to captivate BLINK.

Nowadays, BP has one of the biggest fandoms in the music industry, the world is filled with searches, videos, fan accounts and more of this idol group. Its members also have an individual reputation and popularity that we can better calculate with different statistics.

As a group BLACKPINK is simply amazing and has broken records that no other girl group has. But individually, the idols in this group also have the full support of BLINK. In his solo works we can notice it. Jennie, Rosé and Lisa became solo artists with a lot of achievements and awards that show us their individual fame.

But who is the most popular member of BLACKPINK? Searches make us think that Lisa may have this title because since the debut of the idol group she had higher searches everywhere.

Lisa is the most popular member of BLACKPINK according to the searches she had since debut

Ever since BLACKPINK's debut, Lisa captivated everyone's hearts, how do we know that? According to search analysis and statistics from 2016 to 2017, she was the most searched BP member on Google and YouTube. Everyone wanted to know about Lalisa Manobal.

BLACKPINK was the most searched BLACKPINK member on their debut | Twitter: @LSMTRENDS

So it was love at first sight for many, Lalisa took the world by storm since BLACKPINK's debut. Isn't that amazing? We know the power of this queen.

In 2022, Lisa continues to lead Google searches

In 2022, Lisa is the Most searched K-Pop female artist in Google, Most searched K-Pop female artist in YouTube, and Most searched K-Pop female artist on images. So Lalisa is still leading all searches 6 years after BLACKPINK's debut.

Lisa has a lot of searches in Google | Twitter: @LALISA_YT_DATA

We can say that Lisa is the queen of Google, she has millions and millions of searches in this browser, she is not only limited to one place but to the whole world.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, like Jisoo who got nominated to Blue Dragon Series Awards. 

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