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Is LOONA's Hyunjin in a romantic relationship? Her label talks about the rumors

There are some dating rumors about Hyunjin dating an older rapper. LOONA's label BlockBerry Creative has released a statement about it.

Korean society has a big stigma about Idols dating. During the first K-Pop generation, the public wanted to see the artists with a 'pure' image. That's why the word Idol was used for the singer, they had to look perfect, sing and dance without any mistake, and act innocent.

A romantic relationship could have a big impact on the career of the artists and even the entire group. There were some cases when even the fans were asking for the Idol who is dating to quit the group.

LOONA members / Twitter @loonatheworld

As may know, it is a hot issue for Korean celebrities. This type of controversy can harm the popularity of K-Pop artists. Recently, Hyunjin from LOONA was involved in dating rumors. Immediately her label dropped a statement. We are telling you everything.

BlockBerry Creative clarifies dating rumors involving LOONA's Hyunjin

On a recent YouTube video was reported that Hyunjin of LOONA was dating the rapper A-FLOW. The artist is 44 years old while the Idol is just 21 years old. The video pointed out a couple of rings as proof of their relationship.

Hyunjin of LOONA / Twitter @cherrymotionwrd

Just a few hours later, the fans of the group realized that the ring was a gift from a fanatic. All the members of the group have one of those rings, they got them as presents in 2018. ORBIT -the fandom- asked the label to protect the Idols.

On July 13th finally BlockBerry Creative talked about it. The agency dropped a  statement denying the rumors. It added:

We'll be taking legal action against the malicious rumors from YouTube.

Is common to find YouTube channels that have the purpose of creating rumors about celebrities, such as alleged couples, or even more controversial stories. Be careful with the type of information.

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