Korean age might disappear and here's the reason why Korean age might disappear and here's the reason why

Is Korean age disappearing? This law will end the confusion of K-Pop fans

If you have been in the world of K-Pop for a while you will know that there is the famous Korean age, which often confuses many international fans

The Korean age could disappear, what is it about and which law could end it? So there will be no more confusion for fans of K-Pop and K-Dramas.

What is the Korean age? It happens that in South Korea, all people are one year older, this is because when a baby is born in the country it is already one year old and not like in the rest of the world that twelve months are counted from birth so that the child can celebrate its first anniversary.

This means that if someone was born in 1995, it would be commonly known that in 2022 they would be 27 years old, but in Korea they would be one year older, that is, 28 years old. This was sometimes a bit confusing for K-Pop fans who didn't quite understand the Korean age of their favorite idols.

And why is age so important to K-Pop fans? Well, maybe it also has to do with the compulsory military service in South Korea, since the age limit for artists to enlist in the army is 30 years old and fandoms are always aware of this fact in the lives of singers, rappers and dancers who must fulfill these obligations and disappear from the spotlight.

Also, at the beginning of 2022, Korea's law made all its citizens one year older in January, that seemed to make them 2 years older in 2022, OMG, we were never good at math. But the good thing is that it seems that the Korean age will finally disappear.

Korean age might disappear thanks to this new law

South Korea had its presidential elections and with this a new president was elected for the nation, the candidate who took the victory promised in the campaign that he would change the Korean age measurement system for the international one with a new law. Since there are three ways to calculate age in the country and this not only creates confusion globally, but also to Koreans themselves.

Age also sometimes affected idols who could not stay at certain events due to being underage, since in Korea the age of majority is 19 years old and many 18 years and older had to leave various shows before than their bandmates.

Korean age is going to change | Twitter: @131Viola

It appears that Korea's age calculations will be standardized to international ones. So there will be no more confusion about this one.

Why is Korean age so important?

Far from confusion, age is important in Korea for various legal reasons, in addition to military service, it is also necessary for the protection of youth and its laws, health insurance, obligations such as taxes, among others. 

Korean age has a lot of relevance | @noyukatashi

Now you know a little about how the Korean age works and what changes it will have, perhaps it will be better for all citizens of the country for all the responsibilities they must fulfill.

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