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Is Jin's personality fake? The truth is revealed!

Who is Jin behind closed doors? Fans around the world are desperate to learn the details about his true personality! He is known as the prankster of the group but is that true? Read below to find out. 

  • Jin loves to joke around and prank his group members.
  • According to BTS members, he is a very jolly confident person. 
  • However, the star opened up about the darker side of his personality in 'Break The Silence: The Movie' by BTS.
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K-pop idols are under immense pressure to appear perfect at every event. Their labels make sure that their artists always behave modestly. This only makes you question if idols ever show their true selves in front of the blinking cameras. Is Jin really a cheery person or is it just a facade?

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‘I try my best not to show my darker side. I try hard to act more cheerful and bright.’ The star narrated in the movie ‘Break The Silence’.

According to him, he is a different person when he is with the fans. Dividing himself into two parts, he functions as ‘Jin’ and ‘Kim Seokjin’. He carries both parts of himself separately. That sounds quite tiring. Why does the singer feel the need to do so?

BTS Jin for a photoshoot

The star does not want to burden his fans with worry. He admits that he feels bad when fans feel sad because their favorite celebrities are having a tough time. To keep the sorrows away, he hides the ‘darker part’ of him. The darker part refers to his troubles and insecurities. 

The real Jin is much more than just a funny guy. The celebrity everyone sees is only a small part of him. Do you think this counts as lying to your fans?


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In my opinion, he is not lying to his fans. He is being honest by letting them know that he doesn’t want to be negative. Idols are humans with feelings too. They deserve to keep aspects of their lives hidden if they want to. Do you think it’s fair for fans to know everything? Comment below!

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