Chanyeol of EXO Chanyeol of EXO

Is EXO's Chanyeol coming back with a new album? He reveals details about his new songs

Chanyeol will be discharged in just 58 days more. EXO-L is expecting him to release a solo album pretty soon.

The beloved Idol Chanyeol will be back as a citizen pretty soon! In just a couple of weeks more, the member of EXO will be finishing his mandatory service. The fans are already preparing everything to welcome him.

As you may know, we are talking about one of the most famous K-Pop groups ever. EXO-L has been waiting patiently to see the entire group together on stage. Even if that is not possible, at least the fans are happy with Chanyeol's comeback.

Chanyeol of EXO / Twitter @Kyung27Yeol

The good-looking singer might be releasing solo music as soon as he leaves the army. He said he has been working on this project very hard. Now, we got more details about his unreleased music.

Chanyeol talks about his solo music

On July 29th the new edition of the fans magazine named "EXO-L Japan Official Book" was revealed. It includes a very interesting interview with Chanyeol. He opened up about his music aspirations.

Chanyeol for the EXO-L magazine / Twitter @kpopWorldItaly1

Despite having the rapper role in EXO, the artist has been working in producing and composing music. At the same time, he is a talented songwriter who will release his solo music pretty soon.

He was asked how many songs he has produced. The singer of "Tempo" said that there are about 40 to 50 tracks on his computer. He added that his looking for music that can make him happy.

This information is driving the fans crazy. Not that long, during a fan meeting, Chanyeol said that his solo album will be released after getting discharged from the military. Apparently, his new music is almost ready. We can't wait for it!

While we are waiting, check these awesome movies starring EXO members. They are super talented actors.

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