BTS may unveil new single or new album BTS may unveil new single or new album

Is BTS releasing a new song? Everything we know about their comeback

K-media reported that BTS might reveal their new single at the concert "Permission To Dance- Seoul"

BTS' concert called 'Permission To Dance Seoul', which will be held at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, was announced today. BTS released three dates on March 10, 12 and 13. March 12 will be broadcast simultaneously for ARMY from all over the world to enjoy the concert, as the broadcast will be aired in selected movie theaters so that ARMY can have a new remote experience with BTS.

K-ARMY will be able to enjoy these dates in person, however the distance between the seats must be respected and it seems that ARMY will not be allowed to make too much "noise", they will only be allowed to do the famous "fanchant" to cheer for the group during the performances.

ARMY around the world is very excited to be able to enjoy this experience in theaters, although they will be selected venues, fans are already getting ready to buy their tickets before anyone else. Here are the countries where this event will be possible.

Twitter @vminiecats/ Countries where you can enjoy the concert at the cinema

Of course the buzz of the news was present on Twitter and ARMY besides celebrating the concert dates are already speculating about the band's new album and their next single, there is no doubt that ARMY doesn't miss a thing!

New album and single rumors

According to K-media has said that the members may give ARMY a pleasant surprise during their concert and reveal the single of their new album, although these are mere speculations, ARMY is more excited than ever and theorizing what the band's new single might be called.

This image is circulating on Twitter, which suggests that the band's single could be called "We" or "Me" according to fans' speculations, just like what happened with the song "Save me" and the song "Im fine", it is believed that it could be a possible pun but nothing is confirmed yet.

Twitter @GAGAXBTS / The theories ARMY has made around the new BTS single

Will BTS give us a preview of their next album on these upcoming dates? What do you think about this? Actually, it wouldn't be the first time that BTS surprises us with this kind of thing as they constantly spoil ARMY of the music they will release, only ARMY takes a while to put the puzzle together most of the time.

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