BTS for 'Yet To Come' BTS for 'Yet To Come'

Is BTS disbanding? An indefinite break from group activities has been announced

BTS has announced the second chapter of its career. The members will stop their group activities.

BTS' story is really interesting. These talented Idols debuted under a small and broke label. Gradually, the group got more and more popular until the seven singers made their agency, BIGHIT a monster in the global industry.

The youngest, Jungkook, was just 15 years old when BTS debuted in 2013. The rest of them were also very young, however, they were really focused on their dream. Eventually, their hard work made them the biggest boy group in the world.

BTS for the FESTA 2022 dinner / Twitter @vminiecats

Receiving all this massive attention was not easy for the members. Bangtan is celebrating its 9th anniversary with various surprises for the fans. At the same time, the Idols are being honest about their situation took them to this decision: a pause on the group's career.

BTS activities will be under an indefinite pause

On June 14th BTS dropped a video to celebrate its 9th anniversary. As usual, the FESTA party is a dinner where the members shared their honest thoughts. RM explained how difficult their schedule has been over the last few years.

The members revealed that they won't live together anymore now that their lease contract has finished. After sharing too many stories, the leader opened up about how they have been feeling exhausted. Since they want to present the best of themselves to the fans they will take a break. V said:

We could focus on our solo work this time and later when we gather again as a group that synergy will be like no other.

The upcoming promotions of the group will be with solo projects, just like J-Hope's performances at the Lollapalooza 2022. Bangtan concluded the dinner by saying that they won't disband. The emotional conversation finished with RM adding:

I always want to be RM of BTS

We are wishing just the best for BTS! For sure ARMY will be supporting them in this new chapter.

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