Is BTS RM secretly married? Shocking love life revealed!

RM has always been quiet about his relationship status. But fans have started to believe that the 26-year-old rapper is engaged, or even married! Some pictures have been making us wonder who is the girl that RM is hiding! Keep reading down below to see why fans are getting suspicious of the rapper’s behavior!

  • RM was born in Ilsan, South Korea on September 12, 1994.
  • The 26-year-old rapper's real name is Kim Namjoon. 
  • Namjoon has no instagram or snapchat accounts despite his fame!
  • He is a genius with an IQ of 148
Does BTS RM have a secret girlfriend?

The rapper has been spotted wearing a ring on his ring finger various times by fans!  Although, in Korean culture, rings do not always mean a marriage! 

BTS RM with wedding ring

Sometimes, couples exchange rings after dating for some time, and this shows their commitment to each other! It seems that his girlfriend has him fully whipped

RM smiling at fans with dimples

Fans have wildly theorized that RM is not only married but that he also has kids! The 6 ft tall rapper has been dropping suspicious hints.

 He posted pictures with a kid on his birthday, and is known to buy baby shoes often! 

RM birthday picture with mysterious child

A REDDIT post, which is titled 'Namjoon married with kids confirmed', states:

BTS Namjoon was seen with an engagement/marriage ring trying to be all slick changing fingers, he once bought baby shoes because they ‘were cute’ (sure okay).’

Cute RM holding expensive baby shoes

While it seems unlikely that RM is married, or has any children, it would be very cute if it were true. Despite the cuteness of the situation, we're totally jealous. What are your theories about this?

  Let us know in the comments down below! Read similar articles down below! Make sure to watch this video about RM's being married.


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