Is RM gonna get married? Is RM gonna get married?

Is BTS' RM getting married? BigHit quickly came out to clear up these rumors

Rumors about BTS' RM getting married started surfacing on the internet and the world went crazy, what did HYBE say about it?

Rumors about RM getting married spread across Korea and reached fans all over the world, but HYBE talked about it while protecting the BTS leader from malicious comments.

Who wouldn't love dating the members of BTS? It would surely be wonderful, but obviously not everyone can do it, right? Mainly because in K-Pop the fact that idols have a partner is somewhat frowned upon. So with the impact that Bangtan has on the industry, it would not be possible to uncover that they have a partner.

But the fact that it is something taboo gives rise to many dating rumors and others about the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan. A lot of fans believe that Kim Namjoon, for example, is already married with children. All because they once saw some baby shoes among his things. But this is not confirmed.

Also, there was a time when it was believed that RM dated a boy, OMG, just because one of his friends used to appear in almost all of his photos on Instagram. But he was just a friend, rumors spread fast and are actually sometimes based on little details that don't really make much sense.

This time, it was said that RM was about to get married, it seemed that the leader of BTS had a wedding planned and had not invited us. But BigHit quickly came out to talk about this issue.

BTS' RM is not getting married, HYBE came out to clear up these rumors and fake statements

Our not-so-loved Sojang, a YouTube channel that puts out a lot of gossip about Korean stars, had read about Seo Taiji's wedding and this time he was saying that RM would be the one getting married. On the internet the world went crazy, rumors spread quickly and then BigHit came out to speak for their artist. Bangtan's agency said that these rumors are false, none of it is true. So this little controversy was cleared up.

The rumor is groundless and we're continously taking action to every malicious Youtube content

RM is not getting married | Twitter: @KoreanUpdates

 So for now no member of BTS is getting married, we can be a bit calm if that's what fans are worried about. They are just rumors in order to get attention and visits.

ARMY already supported RM's marriage even if it didn't exist

As the rumors reached more fans, ARMY started writing about how they supported RM getting married as this would be something that would make him happy no matter what. They would not act toxic, although we know that in Korea the fan culture is very different.

ARMY supporting RM's marriage | Twitter: @Mal_Suga

Well, maybe in the future it will be when RM finally decides to get married when he finds the right person, but for now there will be no marriage and that's fine too. We love the support that ARMY showed as it also proves that the rumors will not affect Bangtan artists.

Keep reading more about BTS and RM too since he inspired a character in the book 'The Last Fallen Moon', what is it about? 

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