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Is BTS' Jungkook getting ready to be a drummer? ARMY is waiting for a surprise

Jungkook, the all-rounded Idol, is working on a new surprise for ARMY. The youngest of BTS has been seen carrying a drumstick case

BTS talent is not a joke! the members of the biggest boy band in the group can do everything. We already saw them taking control of the stage with their amazing choreographies, fast raps and powerful vocals. 

However, there are a few abilities of these superstars that we don't see that much. The youngest of the groups is well known for his skills in all aspects as an artist. That's why RM give him the nickname "Golden Maknae".

Jungkook from BTS / By @mermaid_girl5

Apparently, he is preparing everything for a new surprise on stage. ARMY found it out. We are telling the whole story.

BTS' Jungkook is coming back as a drummer

On May 27 Jungkook was the first member of BTS to leave Korea. The group will be having an important event at the White House in the United States. The pictures of Jungkook at the Incheon airport are making ARMY crazy.

Jungkook at the airport / By @btsargento

As usual, the Idol looked pretty good in a casual outfit. He was wearing a white t-shirt and overside jeans. He was carrying a particular bag. The fans already researched more about it and they found out that is a drumstick case from the brand Beat Fingers.

Jungkook with drumstick case / By @miniminisoul

Previously, Jungkook has shown his abilities in playing the drums. The fandom was really happy to see this facet of the singer.

The fans are wondering if Jungkook will show a drums performance again. It seems like he has been practicing. We can't wait to see his show again. While we wait for it, let's enjoy his drums solo for "Dynamite".

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