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Is BTS Jin starting his acting career? The Korean filming industry is supporting him

BTS' has been spending a lot of time with the most famous name in the Koren filming industry. Are these artists encouraging his debut as an actor?

ARMY fell in love with J-Hope's first solo album. "Jack In the Box" was a whole success, now the fans are expecting to have news about RM's upcoming album. That is not all, the entire fandom wants to see Jin's dream come true.

The talented Idol used to be an acting student, however, we haven't seen his talent as an actor. A couple of months ago, the member of BTS revealed that he is also wishing to start his acting career. We all are waiting for it.

JIn of BTS / Twitter @MinYoonieGigi

Meanwhile, the good-looking artist has been attending some events related to the filming industry. The fans are curious about it, is this a hint for his upcoming projects? Apparently, the whole industry is supporting him.

Chungmuro is supporting BTS' Jin's acting career

On August 3rd, Korean media reported that the members of Chungmuro are expecting Jin to make his debut on the screen pretty soon. This organization is well known for gathering the biggest names in the Korean filming industry.

Jin at the 'Hunt' premiere / Twitter @btaigooo

Chungmuro is also an important avenue in the center of Seoul. It is the heart of many studios and movie theaters. It is the 'Korean Hollywood'. Just the most prestigious actors are considered part of this group.

The member of BTS had a big and positive impression on the filming industry. Now it is supporting his acting debut. That's not all, it seems like he also conquered the hearts of some amazing actors, such as Lee Jung Jae, who invited Jin to watch his new movie.

Recently, Jin attended some movie premieres. We saw him in the VIP event of 'Hunt' and 'Emergency Declaration". There is no doubt that he is already involved with the biggest names in the game. We are waiting for a project confirmation.

Read here everything about Jin's adorable message for the 'Hunt' cast.

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