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Is BTS' Jin making his debut as an actor? This is everything you need to know about it

Jin of BTS might debut as an actor pretty soon. We are telling you the story behind the rumors.

When BTS announced its new chapter, the world was shocked, no one wanted them to be on hiatus. However, nowadays, everything is clear, and the public is fully enjoying the new projects of the members.

The K-Pop sensation is giving room for individual activities such as collaborations, and their solo albums. This era is already wild, the living proof is J-Hope and his awesome album "Jack In The Box". We can't wait to see their upcoming projects.

BTS members / Twitter @BTSquadInfo

According to the members, RM, V, and Suga are working on their solo music. But, what about Jin? ARMY is suspecting he could be preparing a giant surprise, his debut in the acting world. We are telling you everything.

Jin might start his acting career

Recently, Cosmopolitan revealed an interview with the Korean actor Kim Nam Gil. The artist talked about his nickname "Old Man", and he revealed that he is more comfortable talking with older people. He added:

I have worked with younger people like BTS' Jin, Cha Eunwoo, and Seohyun, but it seems I have difficulties communicating with them.

Actor Kim Nam Gil / Twitter @BTSETERNALLY7

ASTRO's Eunwoo and Seohyun are part of the cast for the new K-Drama "Island". Is obvious that Kim Nam Gil met them during the recording. ARMY is wondering why he mentioned Jin, it seems like they already worked together, but there is no official information about it.

Jin in Jeju / Twitter @BTSquadInfo

Immediately, fans all over the world took social media to celebrate Jin's acting debut. His name JIN ACTOR and more are in the Twitter global trends. Many fanatics are pointing out Jin's trip to Jeju, they think he could film something in that location.

Cosmopolitan Korea clarifies the information

A few hours later, Cosmopolitan dropped a statement about the interview. The magazine added that "there was a mistake about Jin's mention". It doesn't say what the mistake is, ARMY is still confused about it.

We have to wait for more official confirmation. Anyways, the fans are hoping this project to be real since Jin has talked about his desire to be an actor. Stay tuned for more details.

BTS' V is revealing more about his Paris trip. Check here his new pictures.

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