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Is BTS' Jin a skillful tennis player? His coach reveals how talented the Idol is

BTS' Jin dropped a video of his tennis practice. His coach is revealing how good the idol is playing tennis.

If you are an ARMY for sure you have watched "Run BTS". The iconic variety show revealed a lot about the seven members. We saw them trying many games and fun activities. We can't forget the hilarious video game episode or the chaotic ping pong competition.

Do you remember the tennis episodes? Bangtan members practiced for a week to have a competition with each other. The show was funny since they were rookie players. However, some of them showed to be pretty talented for the sport.

'Run BTS' Episode 129 / Twitter @smeraldomidia

Well, back then Jin discovered his love for a new hobby. A couple of years later, the Worldwide Handsome singer is almost a professional. Do you want to see him playing? This is what his coach has shared about it.

BTS' Jin shows his talent to play tennis in a new video

On July 24th Jin posted on his Instagram account a video of his tennis practice. We see that the Idol is putting a lot of effort into it while playing at the night. By the way, he does not lose a single ball.

Jin's post / Twitter @vminiecats

He called himself a tennis 'telinnie', a tennis rookie. Meanwhile, his coach is praising his ability. The coach Kim Sanggyun, worked with BTS during that iconic episode. Nowadays he is still helping Jin to improve. He reposted the video and said:

Worldwide Handsome tennis.
Always consistently hardworking WWH.

Jin and his tennis coach / Twitter @modooborahae

We all love Jin's tennis talent, including the rest of BTS. J-Hope also commented on the post of his teammate. As you may know, the rapper used to practice tennis and he noticed how good Jin is. He commented:

You are doing well though?

Jis is a hard-working person. Even to enjoy his free time he put a lot of effort. Meanwhile, ARMY loves to see him happy while spending time on his hobby. Would you like to play tennis with Jin?

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