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Is BTS' Jimin attending Lollapalooza? He was spotted taking a flight to Chicago

BTS' J-Hope will be rocking the Lollapalooza 2022 stage! Jimin might be at the popular Chicago music festival.

Among the member of BTS, J-Hope might be the one that releases the most addictive tracks. No matter if he drops a cheerful song like "Chicken Noodle Soup" or a dark one like "More", he just knows how to make hits.

In addition, we have to talk about his wonderful stage presence. His dancing skills, fierce raps, and awesome charisma make him a powerful performer. That is why the ARMY has high expectations for his show at Lollapalooza 2022.

BTS' Jimin on his way to Chicago / Twitter @Ceci_Kookmin_YT

According to the rapper, he has prepared many surprises for this performance. We are wondering if Jimin also will amaze the public. Fanatics are expecting to see him at this giant music festival. We are telling you everything.

Jimin of BTS travels to Chicago to support J-Hope

On July 30th BTS' Jimin was spotted at Incheon International Airport. According to Korean media, the Idol is traveling to Chicago because of his schedule in the United States. However, ARMY is suspecting he could be attending Lollapalooza 2022.

The fans are melting since Jimin is taking a long flight in order to support his beloved teammate. J-Hope will be the first Korean soloist ever to be part of the headline in this famous festival.

At the same time, ARMY is in love with Jimin's airport outfit. The good-looking singer was wearing a head-to-toe black outfit. The accessories added a little bit of sophistication. He wore sunglasses and a mini bag by Chanel. He looks stunning!

The Lollapalooza had already begun. J-Hope will be shaking the stage on July 31st. We can't wait to see Jimin cheering for him. Would you like to watch the online show for free? We have all the details about the live streaming.

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