Will BLACKPINK's Lisa get married? Will BLACKPINK's Lisa get married?

Is BLACKPINK's Lisa getting married? BLINK finds a clue of her wedding

Maybe Lisa from BLACKPINK has already found true love and will have her wedding very soon, since this small sign can mean a lot

BLACKPINK's Lisa is one of the most beloved idols and everyone is watching what she does, so paying attention to detail, BLINK found what could be a sign of this artist's engagement, is she getting married soon?

BLACKPINK is a very famous K-Pop group around the world, its 4 members are extremely popular and the proof of this is their millions of followers on social networks such as Instagram and Twitter. Or on digital platforms like Spotify. Its great impact is worldwide.

This is why it is known that the eyes of the world are on the girls of this K-Pop group. One of them is Lisa, who has a lot of fans who do not hesitate to give her all their love and support. Something that was demonstrated with her debut as a soloist in 2021. Her songs 'Lalisa' and 'Money' imminently triumphed in the most important music charts, demonstrating her great influence in this industry.

Lalisa has the world at her feet thanks to her great talent as a singer, rapper and dancer. As well as for her beautiful personality and without forgetting the visuals that she has, she is an artist with an impressive beauty. We can't blame all the fans who have fallen deeply in love with her.

And maybe it's a dream for BLINK to marry Lisa, but maybe she has already found the right person and this ring can give us a sign that the idol is already engaged, will she get married soon?

Lisa's ring surprises BLINK, will the BLACKPINK idol get married soon?

BLACKPINK's Lisa is in Italy and as an ambassador for BVLGARI, she went to one of the stores of this luxurious brand in Rome, which is why fans could see her in new photos and videos. Analyzing Lalisa's outfit and accessories, BLINK noticed that the idol is wearing a wedding ring, OMG. Could it be that the idol is already married or is she planning to?

Well, the answer is none of the above, because this is a ring from the BVLGARI wedding collection, so the idol was just wearing what her brand gave her, it does not mean that she is engaged or that she is already married.

Lisa was wearing a wedding ring | Twitter: @finpinks

Now you know, Lisa was just wearing an accessory from the brand she works with, but if you ask BLINK, the fandom is ready to say 'Yes' anytime the idol proposes.

Lisa shared time with the CEO of BVLGARI during her visit to Italy

This public appearance of Lisa was not only important because of the ring she was wearing, the idol also shared time with the important CEO of BVLGARI, this is how we recognize the great place she has as an ambassador. BLINK also notes how well the company treats her and how much she is valued as an ambassador for the brand.

Lisa with the CEO of BVLGARI | Twitter: @Jess_Virgill

Lisa is of great importance as a singer, dancer and also within fashion as an ambassador for such important brands as BVLGARI. Lalisa is simply sensational.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK's Lisa, we write everything about the country that Lisa wants to visit since she hasn't been to yet. 

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