Is BLACKPINK's Jisoo giving spoilers for the comeback? This is what she said

The world is anxious to know more about the comeback of BLACKPINK. Jisoo is giving some hints through social media. Do you want to hear the spoiler?

Not long ago Korean media was confirming that BLACKPINK would be getting ready to drop new music in June. Immediately, BLINK was celebrating the good news but then YG Entertainment released an announcement to break the fans' illusions.

According to the label, the singers of "Ice Cream" are already working on a new album. However, there is not a date for its release. The agency revealed that the schedule for BLACKPINK comeback will be confirmed pretty soon. Sadly at the moment we haven't got any more news about it.


Meanwhile the members are talking just a little about it. Jennie on her personal Youtube channel confessed that the girls will be back soon and asked the fans to wait for it. 

This time Jisoo is making the fans crazy with just a few words. The mystery is all over the place, but at least we already saw Jisoo at the studio. We can't wait to listen to their new music.

Jisoo on Instagram / By @lesblinkot4

BLACKPINK's Jisoo reveals herself working at the studio

On May 4th Jisoo from BLACKPINK dropped a mysterious story on her Instagram personal account. In the short video we can see the Idol wearing a black cap and a gray blazer. She is vibing to a song, but the clip is mute so we cannot hear the music. She added:

This song is so good!

Jisoo's Instagram story / By @misskoreaJisoo

Apparently, she is working or recording something at the BLACKPINK studio. The curiosity of the fans is increasing and they are asking for a spoiler. BLINKs reactions to Jisoo's clip are all over the internet. We can see that the fandom hopes are back, just look at their comments on Twitter:


The latest music project "The Album" was released in October 2020. They have been waiting for almost 1 year and a half to see the girls together again. Their solo music was great as well, but BLINK is wishing for BLACKPINK’s new album.

Do you think Jisoo was giving us a hint for the comeback?

Justa a few days ago the Idols attended the DIOR fashion show in Korea. Check here what Jisoo did to comfort a young fan, she is lovely.

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