BIGBANG is ready for its comeback BIGBANG is ready for its comeback

Is BIGBANG's comeback ready? It might be closer that we think

Legendary K-Pop group, BIGBANG, promised to return to stage this year and might have its comeback sooner than we thought

Years have passed since BIGBANG's last comeback and its fans are still waiting for new music from the group. This 2022 could be the year in which we have the long-awaited return of the band to the stage.

BIGBANG is a K-Pop group that had a great boom at the time. It was one of the first groups to become internationally recognized. This idol group debuted in 2006, although its history dates back to 2000 when its members began to be recruited at YG Entertainment.

Like any K-Pop group, the members of BIGBANG worked hard on their music and performances in order to get the attention of the public. They soon had a huge fandom in Korea and slowly rose to worldwide fame. Conquering the world and having more and more new fans over time.

Although BIGBANG never ended their relationship, they did go through several times of hiatus. Although they always returned to their fans to give their all once again and together. Since over the years, each idol in the group began to have a solo career, companies, businesses and others that kept them away from the band.

BIGBANG's last comeback was in 2018 with 'Flower Road' and since then their fandom hasn't had any new music. Until now, it has already been announced that this is the year of the group's return to the stage and there is already new information that excites K-Pop fans.

BIGBANG's comeback seems to be ready and there will be a lot more information soon

According to reports, BIGBANG has already finished filming the MV for their upcoming comeback, it was said that this music video was finished last week. So it is definitive that the idol group's return to the stage is quite close and may be released sooner than we thought.

BIGBANG's comeback might be ready | Twitter: @JackBeomVerse

Do you have everything ready for BIGBANG's comeback? The idol group is going to surprise the world with their next release for which we can't wait any longer.

When will BIGBANG's comeback be?

BIGBANG's comeback is scheduled for spring 2022, according to an employee from YG Entertainment, the preparation of the new release is going very well and they hope to reveal its premiere date and more details for this long-awaited return of the group soon.

Are you ready for BIGBANG's comeback? | Twitter: @KoreanUpdates

Many fans are really waiting for this comeback, BIGBANG is an amazing band that could have several surprises to shock the whole public.

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