Itzy members 'Dalla, Dalla' concept photo Itzy members 'Dalla, Dalla' concept photo

If you love Blackpink, check out these 4 new K-pop songs

Are you a Blackpink fan, but you want to add new girl band songs to your playlist? We know it’s hard to listen to all the bands that debut every year. So after our list of boy band songs to check out if you like BTS, we’ve made a list to help you with girl band songs. All the bands in this article, like Itzy and Loona, are 4th generation bands that debuted in 2018 or later. Check them out below!

  • Itzy, Aespa and Everglow have powerful song concepts like Blackpink.
  • Aespa member Ningning admires Blackpink’s Jennie.
  • Itzy members Ryujin and Yuna starred in BTS’ Love Yourself Highlight Reel before debuting.

1) ‘Why Not?’ by Loona

Loona wearing white for a concept photo

“Ooh la la, ah why? Ah why? Ah why?
Ooh la la, why, why not? Why not?”

Although Loona members were introduced individually starting from October 2016, they officially debuted on 19th August 2018. Why Not?’ is an up-tempo song released on 19th October 2020. In an interview, the band members said the lyrics are about pursuing your freedom and uniqueness.

2) 'Next Level' by Aespa

Aespa's 'Next Level' concept photo

“I’m on the next level”

Aespa is the newest band on this list, debuting on 17th November 2020. 'Next Level' was released on 17th May 2021. It's a remake of Australian singer A$ton Wyld's 2019 song of the same name (which was part of the soundtrack of the movie Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw). And it was such a big hit that Aespa joined Blackpink and Itzy as the only South Korean girl groups to hit the Billboard Global 200 chart more than once.

3) ‘Dalla, Dalla’ by Itzy

Itzy performing 'Dalla, Dalla' at KCON 2019

“I love myself
Something’s different about me, yeah”

Itzy shook the K-pop world with its powerful debut on 12th February 2019. The band’s debut song, ‘Dalla, Dalla’ entered the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart at no.3 and peaked at no.2. It’s a song about loving and being yourself even if you are different from everyone else. Listen to the song once, and we guarantee that the melody will have you hooked!

4) ‘Adios’ by Everglow

Everglow 'Adios' concept photo

“Goodbye, au revoir, adiós”

Everglow is a six-member band that debuted on 18th March 2019. Adios’ was released on 19th August 2019. It charted on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart for 6 weeks and peaked at no.2. The cool song, charismatic music video and strong choreography is a combination that will blow you away!

Aespa members

Which of these girl band songs would you check out? Comment down below and let us know! And if you liked this article, you’ll love this video about the songs that are forbidden on TV!

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