IU in Cannes IU in Cannes

IU is the new global ambassador of the luxury fashion brand Gucci

The superstar IU is conquering the world with her latest movie "Broker". Now she is getting into the fashion world as a global ambassador of Gucci.

The most successful woman in Korean music is IU.  She debuted when she was pretty young in 2008. Immediately, she caught the attention of the public because of her beauty and her sweet voice. That's why the singer got the title "Nation's little sister".

At the same time, she proved how skillful she is working in multiple K-Dramas such as "Dream High", "Beautiful Man", "The Producer" and many more. Right now she is getting praises for her work in the claimed movie "Broker".

IU in Cannes / By @choobimii

Of course, this sophisticated lady is well known for her good taste in fashion. The 29 years old singer always looks stunning wearing awesome outfits. The fashion brands are now looking for her. We are telling you everything.

IU is joining Gucci's family as a global ambassador.

On May 29 IU attend the 75th Cannes Film Festival closure wearing a beautiful dress with details of little flowers and crystals. On the same day, the official Instagram account of Gucci drooped a picture of the singer at the red carpet of the event.

IU wearing Gucci / By @gucci

Right now this Gucci outfit is all over the Internet. Apparently, the exclusive brand didn't announce IU as a global ambassador before because of some issues. Gucci revealed a statement.

We can't disclose when exactly IU became our global brand ambassador due to competition with another brand.

Since 2020 IU has been seeing promoting the products of this luxury brand in Korea. She fits perfectly with the elegance of the brand. The actress is the fourth Korean celebrity to be part of Gucci's family.

IU's music is really good. Check these songs that you need in your playlist to chill.

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