ITZY's Yna worried fans and here's why ITZY's Yna worried fans and here's why

ITZY's Yuna responds to fans' concerns about her body

Many ITZY fans worried about Yuna since in photos and videos her physical appearance seemed too thin, how did she clarify this situation?

It is well known that K-Pop artists tend to go on extreme diets and this is why ITZY fans were worrying about Yuna's eating habits as the idol looked too skinny.

ITZY is a great group, the girls of this K-Pop group work hard on their songs and presentations to give the best to their fans and continue conquering new fans on the path that they are building together. This is why they have managed to attract the attention of the world that is not only captivated by the music of this girl group.

There is much that we can admire about the ITZY girls and if we talk about the physical part, we find them beautiful and with nice physical aspects that let us see how beautiful they are. Their beauty has made millions of fans fall in love and it is common for them to have so many eyes on them every time they appear before the public.

A few days ago, some fans worried about Yuna, because she looked very thin, her ribs were sticking out and this made MIDZY think the worst about the situation. It is well known that many idols go on extreme diets in order to maintain a slim figure and it is something that can often damage their health.

So some fans were able to express their concerns with Yuna and the ITZY idol responded to these comments, is she eating well?

Is Yuna's body alright? The ITZY idol clears up her fans' concerns

Through Bubble, Yuna let her fans see that she is eating well and her body is healthy. In this special messaging app for idols and fans, the ITZY member gave a long list of food and desserts that she was eating. As well as telling MIDZY that she was eating well and for them not to worry.

Yuna on Bubble | Twitter: @globalmyeon

In a recent fan meeting, Yuna also talked about this with MIDZY, telling him that even though she was on a diet, her vitamin levels were fine and that she was healthy in general. Fans ask that there be no more rumors about the idol's health.

Yuna reassures fans she's healthy | Twitter: @RhtYuna

 Why is Yuna's body so skinny then?

Let us remember that in the world there is a great diversity of bodies and that the figure of the same not only implies diets and exercise, but also genetics and it is something that we all must understand before assuming things about the body of others. Many fans have talked about Yuna's genetics allowing her to have such a slim body. She has always shown her small waist and has always been very slim, even though she does not follow a strict diet.

We all should respect Yuna's body | Twitter: @_itzyqueens

So Yuna really is healthy and maybe sometimes her body can look very thin, but this doesn't mean that she is not healthy, or that she doesn't eat well. Surely she is always putting her health first.

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