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ITZY's Yeji reveals how she comforts herself when she's feeling down

Yeji, the leader of ITZY, is celebrating her birthday. She has confessed to the fans her method to overcome the bad days. This is what she said.

ITZY is one of the most relevant girl groups of its generation. The singers of "In The Morning" arrive on the K-Pop scene with great hits and flawless performances.It is obvious the effort the members put into their work.

Of course to achieve these perfect performances the Idols need a lot of communication with each other. The chemistry of these young singers is great off stage as well. Yeji, the charismatic leader of the group is now 22 years old an the whole group is celebrating.

Yeji from ITZY / By @ITZYofficial

Even though it's a day to celebrate, the artist decided to share her honest thoughts about difficult moments. Her mindset is inspiring to the fandom.

ITZY's Yeji celebrates her birthday with an emotive talk

On May 26th (KST) Yeji from ITZY was live streaming on Instagram to celebrate her birthday with the fans. She showed her gratitude to MIDZY for their good wishes.

Yeji on Instagram / By @ITZYofficial

The Idols said that she is a happy person because she never feels lonely thanks to the love of the fans, members, family and friends. However, there are times where she has doubts about herself.

I'm also human, I always ask myself: Am I doing well?

There are no concrete answers, and it's hard to find the response while thinking of it alone.

She clarified that even when she works hard this type of thoughts appear. Nevertheless, the singer revealed that when this happens she comforts herself saying that she is doing well. She sent an important message for the fans.

I hope our MIDZY does not doubt whatever they work on. I hope MIDZYs don’t forget that they’re always doing well, so let’s live and work hard together in the future.

It is a sweet mindset! Happy Birthday Yeji!

Recently, ITZY worked on a project to encourage vulnerable children. Read this article to know more about it.

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