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ITZY's Yeji confess why she loves STRAY KIDS music

STRAY KIDS music is amazing! Yeji, the leader of ITZY is a fan as well. This is what she said about the songs of the boy group

JYP Entertainment is one of the most important agencies in the Korean music industry. The artists under this label are famous because of their flawless performances. No matter if it's a girl or boy group, we can wait for a great show if we are talking about these artists.

The sibling groups ITZY and STRAY KIDS have a lot in common. Both of them usually take the show to let the audience jaw drop with complicated and powerful choreographies.

Apparently they respect and admire each other's work. Recently the leader of ITZY revealed that she is a fan of the popular boy group. This is what she said.

Yeji from ITZY / By @Midzy_Latam

Yeji love STRAY KIDS music in this is the reason why

On May 10th Yeji from ITZY was on live broadcasting via Vlive. The Idol was talking about her favorite songs of JYP Entertainment. She confessed that really likes STRAY KIDS music because it is exciting.

The leader thinks "MANIAC" the song and the choreography are really well done. She mentioned "Miroh", "Hellevator" and "Mixtape: OH" as her favorite song of the group.

Yeji on Vlive / By @Midzy_Latam

Yeji concluded her opinion about STRAY KIDS singing a short fragment of "Thunderous" chorus. The fans of both groups are melting down with their cute version. Right now the social media is full with comments of the fanatic, they are loving it, just look at their reactions:

I love my SKZ and ITZY sibling moments.

Love to see queens supporting kings.

Would you like to see a collab on stage with IZTY and STRAY KIDS? That would be awesome!

ITZY has given us great hits. Their B-side songs are as good as the title singles. Read this article to find the best ones.

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