ITZY postpones their third anniversary ITZY postpones their third anniversary

ITZY's Chaeryeong tests positive for COVID-19, here's how it happened

ITZY stopped some of their activities because three of its members tested positive for COVID-19.

Unfortunately ITZY has not been able to recover from COVID-19, remember that they had to cancel the celebration of their third anniversary as a band because one of the members tested positive in a rapid test, so they had to postpone the event they had scheduled with their fans which would be broadcast on YouTube.

Lia was the first member to be diagnosed with this virus, the other members underwent PCR tests to rule out that they were also infected. Although some of the results were negative for some of the members, unfortunately this was not the case for Yeji who also tested positive for COVID-19. 

Twitter @LatinoITZYOffi / MIDZY looks forward to celebrating the third anniversary with ITZY

Chaeryeong also diagnosed with COVID-19

Unfortunately another ITZY member, Chaeryeong tested positive for COVID-19 PCR test, most likely she was inevitably infected by Yeji and Lia because even though both of them were isolated as soon as they got their results, the members were together due to their work.

Twitter @ITZY_Chile / Chaeryeong is positive for COVID-19

On February 16, JYP Entertainment released Chaeryeong's result and confirmed that she was diagnosed with the virus despite having two doses of the vaccine. Here is the statement below.

"ITZY member Chaeryeong tested positive for COVID-19 on the afternoon of February 16. Chaeryeong previously tested negative on February 12 after undergoing a precautionary PCR test. On the morning of February 15, Chaeryeong underwent a self-test which was positive. Immediately thereafter, she underwent a PCR test and, as of February 16, her results have been positive. Currently, Chaeryeong has completed her second dose of COVID-19 vaccine and is experiencing minor symptoms such as cough and headache. She will receive treatment at home while under quarantine, according to health authority guidelines."

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