ITZY's Chaeryeong and Nayeon from TWICE ITZY's Chaeryeong and Nayeon from TWICE

ITZY's Chaeryeong proved to be the #1 fan of TWICE's Nayeon's debut solo

The friendship between TWICE and IZTY is adorable. This is how Chaeryeong is supporting Nayeon's upcoming solo album.

JYP Entertainment is the house of some of the most relevant K-Pop groups. This label is famous for prepared the most iconic girl groups. Everyone remembers the great hits of "Wonder Girls" and "Miss A".

Today we are talking about the K-Pop sensation TWICE. The massive success of the group is not a joke! The singers of "Dance The Night Away" are on a short hiatus, however, we'll see Nayeon's music style pretty soon.

Nayeon for 'Im Nayeon' / Twitter @JYPETWICE

The lead singer o the group will be debited as a solo artist with the album "Im Nayeon". Not just her teammates are supporting his new project but her colleagues of ITZY as well. Chaeryeong sent her a sweet message. 

ITZY's Chaeryeong supports Nayeon being the first TWICE member to make a solo debut

On June 8th Nayeon from TWICE was on a voice Vlive. The Idols talked about how she has been working on her upcoming album "Im Nayeon". Eventually, she shared how ITZY's Chaeryeong is supporting her.

I received a message from Chaeryeong telling me "Fighting!" for my solo album. I was really touched.

Chaeryeong promoting 'POP!' / Twitter Chaeryeong

Meanwhile, on June 12th Chaeryeong dropped a cute video on TikTok of her reacting to Nayeon's preview of her title single "POP!". It seems like the member of ITZy is truly enjoying the song. The clip finishes with the Idols promoting POP! on her cellphone.

These Idols meet when they were very young. According to Nayeon, TWICE members and Chaeryeong took too many lessons together when they were trainees. Eventually, all of them participated in the survival show "SIXTEEN".

TWICE and Chaeryeong / Twitter @97SR0SlE

The friendship among TWICE and ITZY members is adorable. Previously we've seen them having a good time together at the awards shows and dancing to each other songs. Their sisterhood is beautiful.

The rest of TWICE is also happy for Nayeon's solo debut. Check here how they are supporting her album.

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